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January, 2023
1/25/2023: Meyer Sound Introduces 2100-LFC Low-Frequency Control Element

November, 2022
11/17/2022: Meyer Sound Launches Nebra Software Platform for Milan-Networked Loudspeaker Systems

September, 2022
9/21/2022: Avnu opens TSN Test Tool programme to new vendors
9/21/2022: Avnu Alliance Expands TSN Test Tool Ecosystem & Delivers Vision At TSN/A Conference
9/20/2022: Avnu Leadership and Members To Present Keynotes, Talks and Test Tool Demos at TSN/A Conference in Germany
9/12/2022: Audio Networking: Forward thinking
9/01/2022: Adamson’s CS-Series loudspeakers gain Milan Certification

August, 2022
8/09/2022: TIACC: A Collaboration to Accelerate Coexistence
8/08/2022: Wireless Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Capabilities and KPIs for Industrial, Pro AV and XR Applications
8/02/2022: CC-Link, Avnu Alliance Pave TSN Road to Industry 4.0

July, 2022
7/25/2022: How New England’s Largest General Admission Venue Brings Dynamic Sound to Concertgoers
7/19/2022: L-Acoustics L-ISA creates tunnel of sound for art installation
7/18/2022: L-Acoustics Immersive Audio Technology Takes Crowds to the Third Dimension
7/18/2022: Single Common Conformance Test Plan: IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN
7/14/2022: Avnu Alliance Expands Plugfest in Europe
7/12/2022: Avnu Alliance Hosts Expanded Plugfest In Germany
7/07/2022: Single Common Conformance Test for TSN

June, 2022
6/06/2022: Single common conformance test plan to be available for the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN profile for industrial automation 

May, 2022
5/30/2022: Single Common Conformance Test Plan to be Available for the IEC IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation (English)
5/30/2022: Single Common Conformance Test Plan to be Available for the IEC IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation (German)
5/27/2022: L-Acoustic L-ISA Technology and A Series Loudspeakers Enrich Worship Experience at First Baptist Concord
Michael Bublé at Resorts World Las Vegas
5/18/2022: Avnu Alliance TSN Plugfest
5/11/2022: Time-sensitive networking for industrial applications
5/09/2022: L-Acoustics Unveils Revolutionary Multi-Channel LA7.16i Amplified Controller
5/06/2022: ALLDSP presents OEM products at ISE Show 2022 — TPi 

April, 2022
4/25/2022: Avnu Alliance hosts TSN plugfest in Boston
Executive Q&A: Avnu Alliance Stresses Interoperability 
Avnu Alliance Hosts TSN Plugfest
4/04/2022: L-Acoustics Brings A New Presence Of Sound To Bogotá’s El Lugar de Su Presencia

March, 2022
3/21/2022: Avnu Alliance Roadmap 2022
Time-Sensitive Networking 2022 Technology Update
Getting Your Protocol Right

February, 2022
2/24/2022: Q&A: Savant’s Steve Silberman Discusses Whole-House Audio, AVB Benefits
Wireless TSN: Market Expectations, Capabilities, & Certification
Avnu Alliance Releases Market Requirements Research for Wireless TSN 
2/01/2022: Meyer Sound Launches Panther Large-Scale Line Array Loudspeaker

January, 2022
1/25/2022: Savant Joins Avnu Alliance
Keysight Delivers First Integrated Test Package for Time Sensitive Networking Based on Avnu alliance Test Plans

December, 2021
12/17/2021: Savant Joins Avnu Alliance
First Impression: L-Acoustics L-ISA Processor II 3D Multi-Channel Audio Processing Engine

November, 2021
Time Sensitive Networking Product Testing Expands 

October, 2021
Avnu Alliance Milan Advanced Certification Program Debuts
DiGiCo heading to Milan with Avnu Alliance 
Avnu Alliance Launches Milan Advanced Certification Program
Milan Advanced Certification Program
10/18/2021: Milan Advanced Certification One-Pager with Test Tool
Avnu Global Advanced Certification Program FAQs
Acquisitions, Standards, Blockchain, And More
Avnu Alliance Launches Global TSN Certification Program
Test and Measurement: Nearly half of North American and European operators plan to deploy 5G SA next year, survey finds
Avnu Alliance Launches Advanced Global TSN Certification Program

August, 2021
8/30/2021: Avnu Alliance to Host Live Webinar “Wireless TSN Market Expectations, Capabilities, and Certification”
Avnu Alliance Announces Silicon Validation Task Group

July, 2021
7/22/2021: Meyer Sound Spacemap Go Opens Up Unique Mobile Chamber Opera
7/2021: L-Acoustics K, A, and X Series Bring Clarity to the Spoken Word at BYU-Idaho Center – L-Acoustics

June, 2021
How time-sensitive networking (TSN) is enabling new 5G use cases for industry
6/18/2021: 10 ways time-sensitive networking will change industrial automation
6/17/2021: Why time-sensitive networking will change everything
6/9/2021: TSN over 5G and Wi-Fi – how wireless TSN will be designed, deployed, managed
6/2021: Tokyo Itabashi Culture Hall Chooses L-Acoustics Kara II for sound upgrade

April, 2021
4/13/2021: Opportunities for bringing IEEE TSN standards to wireless applications
4/2021: Wireless TSN: Extending Time Sensitive Networking over Wireless to Support the Growing IoT

February, 2021
2/26/2021: Digital Audio: A Mixer is Just the Start
2/19/2021: Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional Cultivates Its Legacy With New L-Acoustics Sound System
2/18/2021: Avid VENUE 7 Enhancements Provide the Power and Flexibility Needed for Sound Engineers to Deliver High-Quality Performances
2/2/2021: Five Reasons Why TSN over 5G Promises Timely Deliveries

January, 2021
L-Acoustics Delivers an Immersive Soundscape in an Upgrade at Texas Church
1/2021: L-Acoustics L-ISA Brings River Pointe Church Pastor and Congregation “Closer”

December, 2020
12/01/2020: Neutrik AG announces the launch of NEUTRIK® MINEA, a Milan certified audio module

November, 2020
11/09/2020: Avnu Alliance Announces Pro AV Entry-Level Membership to Support Milan Demand

August, 2020
8/10/2020: L-Acoustics K2 hits home for Dodger Stadium
L-Acoustics K2 a Home Run for Dodger Stadium
5G could make wireless time-sensitive networking a possibility
Technology Manager’s Guide to the State of AV over IP

July, 2020
7/30/2020: TSN: where IT and OT converge
Meyer Sound Loudspeakers for “Shining a Light” In Indianapolis Driven By AVB-Networked Audio
Wireless TSN – Definitions, Use Cases & Standards Roadmap
“Shining a Light” Uplifts Downtown Indy with AVB-Networked Audio by Meyer Sound
Can Ethernet stay on track?
7/6/2020: 12 ways 5G in manufacturing can boost Industry 4.0

June, 2020
6/24/2020: Discover why TSN is vital for 5g-powered IIoT
6/16/2020: Adamson Launches CS-Series of Intelligent Powered Loudspeakers, Software & Rack Systems
6/01/2020: Avnu Alliance delves into feature set of Milan platform

May, 2020
5/27/2020: The Future of Pro AV: Why the Network Foundation Should Be a Commodity
5/20/2020: Der Weg zu Drahtlosigkeit und Zeitsensitivitat
5/14/2020: Unlimited potential: how networking has transformed professional audio
5/07/2020: 5G Makes Wireless Time Sensitive Networking a Reality
5/06/2020: Thunder Audio Deploys L-Acoustics on Post Malone’s Runaway Tour

April, 2020
Easier for All
Wireless TSN use cases and standards challenges
4/07/2020: A New Spark for TSN? Avnu Alliance Releases Wireless TSN White Paper
4/02/2020: Avnu Alliance releases wireless TSN whitepaper
4/01/2020: Avnu Alliance Releases New Wireless TSN White Paper

March, 2020
Wireless TSN – Definitions, Use Cases & Standards Roadmap Whitepaper
ISE 2020 Audio Report

February, 2020
2/27/2020: PreSonus Updates Its AVB Ecosystem
2/13/2020: Open Standards Vs Proprietary Protocols: What’s The Future?
2/11/2020: L-Acoustics Unveils Milan-certified LA2Xi Amplified Controller for Install
2/07/2020: Road to ISE: Meyer Sound
2/05/2020: Neutrik prepares Milan-ready Audio Module
2/03/2020: Neutrik is developing a Milan multi-IO audio module for OEMs to be implemented in future audio network devices

January, 2020
New Products and Technology Demos on Tap for Meyer Sound at ISE
1/23/2020: Meyer Sound Announces New Products, Technology Demos and More for ISE 2020
1/14/2020: Milan: A Networked AV System Architecture Whitepaper

November, 2019
11/25/2019: Three Ways TSN is Driving Opportunities in the IIOT
11/19/2019: Meyer Sound’s Largest Permanent Installation of New ULTRA-X40 at Austria Center in Vienna
11/15/2019: 2020 Trends
11/07/2019: TSN/A Conference 2019: Bedarf für Echtzeit-Kommunikation treibt TSN im Auto
11/07/2019: TSN/A Conference 2019
11/06/2019: Meyer Sound Compass 4.6 Software Offers Milan Integration and Streamlined System Configuration
11/05/2019: Meyer Sound Compass Software Update Released
11/2019:  L-Acoustics Helps Dickies Arena Be All Venues to All Events 
11/2019: Meyer Sound Compass 4.6 Software Offers Milan™Integration and Streamlined System Configuration

October, 2019  
10/18/19: It’s Really All About Planning Ahead
10/2019: Business Impact of TSN for Industrial Systems
10/2019: L-Acoustics Spotlights AVB Networking at AES

September, 2019  
09/27/2019: IP-Networked AV Infrastructures and What Church Techs Need to Know

09/13/2019: Meyer Sound LYON System Deployed To Reinforce Metallica & San Francisco Symphony Presenting “S&M2”
09/03/2019: Making Milan Together
09/03/2019: Sounds Like a Winner

09/02/2019: Mohegan Sun Chooses Meyer Sound for Sonic Upgrade

August, 2019  
08/28/2019: L-Acoustics Spotlights AVB Networking at AES
08/28/2019: Mohegan Sun Shines with Meyer Sound LYON Arena System
08/26/2019: Mark Knopfler Tours With L-Acoustics L-ISA
08/20/2019: Standon Calling Festival in U.K. Relies on Adamson Systems Gear for Main Stage Acts
08/07/2019: Was ist das Audio over IP-Protokoll Milan? (What is the Audio over IPProtocol Milan?)

July, 2019  
07/29/2019: Comparing AV over IP: NONE of These is Just Like the Other
07/26/2019: Meyer Sound Galileo GALAXY Leads the Way with Milan Certification from Avnu Alliance
07/22/2019: AV over IP – Trends 2019

June, 2019  
06/2019:  L-Acoustics Launches LS10 AVB Switch
06/2019: Milan AV Networks Video
06/2019: Meyer Sound Galileo GALAXY Leads the Way with Milan Certification from Avnu Alliance
06/11/2019: RCF Joins Avnu Alliance as Newest Professional Audio and Milan Workgroup Member
06/10/2019: Milan Workgroup Members Join Avnu Alliance Board of Directors

April, 2019 
04/30/2019: Whitepaper on Business Impact of TSN in IIoT
04/30/2019: Whitepaper on Business Impact of TSN in IIoT
04/21/2019Time Sensitive Networking for industrial systems: Why an ecosystem approach is needed
04/10/2019: The Business Impact of TSN in IIoT
04/01/2019: Business Impact Paper

March, 2019 
03/28/2019: IIC Consortium TSN Testbed
03/28/2019: Milan AVB Moves Closer to Reality for Touring
03/26/2019: Milan works Prolight and Sound
03/25/2019: Milan Workgroup to Hold Public Presentations, Demonstrations at Prolight+Sound 2019
03/23/2019: Milan events scheduled in Frankfurt
03/18/2019: An Introduction to Milan; March 2019 Digital Edition
03/15/2019: d&b audiotechnik Talks Lineage and Lifetime Value at Prolight + Sound 2019
03/15/2019: Bringing Brawn to the UFC’s Sound
03/14/2019: Industrial Internet Consortium Hosts Member Pavilion at Hannover Messe | Manufacturing Tomorrow
03/14/2019: d&b audiotechnik talks lineage and lifetime value at Prolight + Sound 2019
03/11/2019: L-Acoustics, AVB Serve as Backbone for Punk Band Die Toten Hosen European Tour
03/11/2019: SSE Audio Networks with Luminex to Provide Milan AVB PA Systems
03/11/2019: An Introduction To Milan
03/08/2019: L-Acoustics Prolight + Sound 2019 Preview
03/08/2019: Meyer Sound Leopard Scores a TKO for UFC Events
03/07/2019: Meyer Sound Delivers Knockout Sound for UFC Events
03/07/2019: Knockout audio for UFC
03/07/2019: Meyer Sound Leopard Scores a TKO with “Dream System” for Intense UFC Events
03/07/2019: Meyer Sound Delivers Knockout Sound for UFC Events
03/07/2019: L-Acoustics Prolight + Sound 2019 Preview
03/07/2019: L-Acoustics Prolight + Sound 2019 Preview
03/06/2019: UFC Events Heard via Meyer Sound Leopard Systems
03/06/2019: The UFC sound system that packs a fast in-and-out punch
03/06/2019: The UFC sound system that packs a fast in-and-out punch
03/06/2019: Meyer Sound Covers Ultimate Fighting Championship
03/06/2019: d&b audiotechnik stellt die DS20 Audio Network Bridge vor
03/05/2019: Luminex GigaCore switches receive Avnu certification for Milan and AVB protocol
03/05/2019: GigaCore Ethernet switches support Milan/AVB says Luminex
03/04/2019: Luminex GigaCore Switches Receive AVNU Certification
03/04/2019: Luminex GigaCore Switches Receive AVNU Certification for Milan/AVB Protocol

February, 2019 
02/13/2019: ISE 2019 Recap
02/12/2019: d&b opens the door to new install possibilities at ISE 2019
02/07/2019: d&b audiotechnik Launches DS20 Audio Network Bridge Milan Product
02/07/2019: d&b audiotechnik launches its first MILAN product
02/07/2019: New Member Signing boosts Avnu Alliance
02/07/2019: The second coming of AVB
02/06/2019: d&b audiotechnik Launches Its First MILAN Product
02/06/2019: ISE 2019: d&b launches its first Milan product
02/05/2019: ISE 2019: d&b debuts developments including its first Milan product
02/05/2019: ISE 2019: Adamson Launches new CS and IS Series Offerings
02/05/2019: ISE 2019 Day 1 Wrap Up
02/04/2019: Luminex GigaCore Switches Are Avnu Certified
02/01/2019: Adamson To Debut CS-Series & IS-Series Loudspeakers At ISE
02/2019: Luminex Gigacore Switches are Avnu Certified & Support the Milan/AVB Protocol

January, 2019 
01/31/2019: L-Acoustics To Present New Products at ISE
01/31/2019: Previewing ISE 2019 With The Avnu Alliance’s Henning Kaltheuner
01/31/2019: Adamson Systems Engineering Joins Avnu Alliance
01/31/2019: Momentum for Milan Network Protocol Builds with New Members, Products, and Ecosystem Tools
01/30/2019: Adamson launches CS7p Loudspeaker at NAMM 2019
01/30/2019: ISE: Momentum for Milan Network Builds
01/29/2019: Momentum for Milan Network Protocol Builds
01/29/2019: ISE 2019: momentum for the Milan network protocol
01/29/2019: Momentum for Milan Network Protocol Builds with New Members, Products and Ecosystem Tools
01/29/2019: Avnu Milan Network Protocol Adds New Members, Products, and Education Sessions at ISE 2019
01/28/2019: Avnu Adds New Pro-Audio Member
01/25/2019: Adamson Systems Engineering Joins Avnu Alliance
01/24/2019: Avnu Alliance Welcomes Adamson Systems Engineering to its Pro Audio Sector
01/24/2019: Avnu Alliance Announces Adamson Systems Engineering as New Professional Audio Member
01/23/2019: NAMM 2019: Adamson Introduces Milan-Ready CS7p
01/22/2019: Adamson Introduces Milan-Ready CS7p Loudspeaker
01/22/2019: Adamson debuts CS Series at NAMM
01/18/2019AudioScience Introduces the New Hono AVB Virtual Sound Card Basic and Announces Lower pricing on the Hono AVB VSC product line
01/02/2019: 2019 Predictions for Pro AV
01/02/2019: 2019 Predications for Pro AV

December, 2018 
12/28/2018: AV Manufacturers’ Predictions for 2019
12/19/2018: Device testing & time sensitive networking in the IIOT
12/18/2018: Texas Live! Sports/Entertainment Complex Opens with Support from L-Acoustics Kara/Kiva II Systems
12/12/2018: Roskilde Festival Offers a Rare Laboratory for Meyer Sound Research
12/2018: Interoperabilität durch einheitliche Testpläne

November, 2018
11/30/2018: Texas Live! State-of-the-Art Sports Entertainment Complex Drafts L-Acoustics in the First Round!
11/30/2018: Roskilde Festival Becomes A Laboratory For Meyer Sound Research
11/26/2018: Time-sensitive networking: device interoperability through common test procedures
11/23/2018: SPS Drives Trade Fair in Nuremberg Automation News
11/19/2018: Avnu Alliance Demonstrates New Conformance Test Reference Tool at SPS IPC Drives
11/19/2018: Enhanced Ethernet for a stronger IIoT: Time Sensitive Networking

October, 2018
10/24/2018: Audio that should be heard, not seen
10/18/2018: Relaxing With Ambience
10/14/2018Get Connected with the Latest in Audio Networking Technology and Standards at AES New York 2018
10/05/2018: Meyer Sound Deploys AVB Network Backbone For Roskilde Festival
10/04/2018: AVB Networks Build a New Backbone for Meyer Sound at Roskilde Festival
10/01/2018: Get Connected with the Latest in Audio Networking Technology and Standards at AES New York 2018
10/2018: Time-sensitive networking standards could boost industrial control

September, 2018
09/26/2018: Avnu Alliance and WEKA FACHMEDIEN Co-Present 2018 TSN/A Conference in Germany
09/14/2018: A Bumper Preview to PLASA Show 2018
09/11/2018: Autonomous Driving and Time-Sensitive Networking
09/03/2018: Changing Perceptions

August, 2018
08/24/2018: Bringing the Fire
08/21/2018: TSN: Evolution, next steps for industrial systems
08/15/2018: HDBaseT, SDVoE, Or AVB: How to Choose Between Networked AV

July, 2018
07/27/2018: AV Associations That Deserve Attention: AVTweeps Everyone in the Industry Should Follow, Part 3
07/19/2018: Milan interview with John McMahon
07/10/2018: Avnu Alliance Hosts Automotive TSN Workshop in Japan
07/10/2018: Avnu Alliance Hosts Automotive TSN Workshop in Japan
07/01/2018: Important AV Standards and Protocols
07/01/2018: AVB Brings Dynamic, Precise Sound to Arcade Fire World Tour

June, 2018
Milan Redundancy Interoperability Specificaion
06/08/2018: InfoComm 2018: Avnu Alliance Members Launch Milan Protocol
06/07/2018: InfoComm 2018: AVB’s Avnu Alliance Launches Milan
06/07/2018: At InfoComm: AVB Advances with Milan Protocol
06/07/2018: Avnu Alliance Launches Milan Protocol
06/07/2018: Avnu Alliance Launches Milan Network Protocol Based on AVB for Pro AV Interoperability at InfoComm 2018
06/07/2018: Pro AVL Central – InfoComm 2018: Day 1
06/07/2018: ConventionTV@InfoComm 2018 – Day 2, June 7
06/06/2018: Leading manufacturers unite to form Milan protocol
06/06/2018: InfoComm 2018
06/06/2018: ProAV Manufacturers Launch Milan AVB-Based Network Protocol for Pro AV Interoperability
06/06/2018: InfoComm 2018: Avnu Alliance Members Launch Milan Protocol
06/06/2018: Pro-AV Leaders Launch Milan Media Networking Protocol
06/06/2018: Avnu Alliance Announces Milan Standard
06/06/2018: Leading Manufacturers Unite to Form Milan Protocol
06/06/2018: PreSonus Joins Avnu Allinace in Support of Milan
06/05/2018: Industry Leaders Join to Launch Milan Network Protocol Based on AVB for Pro AV Interoperability
06/05/2018: Industry Leaders Launch Milan Network Protocol Based on AVB for Pro AV Interoperability
06/05/2018: InfoComm 2018: Guide to the Technology Alliances and what they’re Presenting
06/05/2018: Neutrik Joins Avnu Alliance
06/05/2018: AVB Based Milan Protocol Promises to Boost Open Standards Networking
06/05/2018: Milan Network Protocol Launch
06/05/2018: Milan Whitepaper
06/05/2018: Milan Formats Interoperability Specification
06/05/2018: Milan Media Clocking Interoperability Specification
06/04/2018: Cisco Redefines Networking for the Audio-Video Industry

April, 2018
04/23/2018: Interoperability at Hannover

February, 2018
UNH-IOL: the communications test arbiter
Net Gain: AV Over IP Dominates at ISE 2018
 Avnu Alliance Pro AV Education Initiative Ramps Up for 2018
Avnu Offers Extensive AVB/TSN Education at ISE 2018

January, 2018
Automotive Ethernet: A crossroads for the connected car
Time Sensitive Networking Trend Continues into 2018 
AudioForum celebrates its 12th edition at ISE 2018 with focus on the “hot topic” of audio networking in all its forms
Video: Experts explain TSN
Don’t let the spaghetti mess under the hood slow self-driving innovation

December, 2017
12/27/2017: TSN: Converging Networks for a Better Industrial IoT
 Avnu Alliance delivers first TSN conformance tests for Industrial Devices
 SPS unites leaders to driver interoperability for IIoT and Industry 4.0
12/12/2017: Avnu Alliance Welcomes New Member Real-Time Innovations
12/08/2017: Avnu Alliance: OPC US TSN Etablierung schreitet voran
 Giving Devices the Green Light for Time Sensitive Networking
Interoperable Communications Using OPC UA Over Time Sensitive Networks
Avnu Alliance and the Edge Computing Consortium Sign a Liaison Agreement
Avnu Alliance and the Edge Computing Consortium Sign a Liaison Agreement
12/04/2017: Avnu, IIC and OPC wollen Infrastruktur fur TSN schaffen
12/01/2017: Avnu Alliance Delivers TSN Conformance Tests

November, 2017
11/30/2017: Audio co existance in the AoIP world
11/29/2017: IIC Announces First IIoT Testbed Results
11/29/2017: Time Sensitive Networking Gathers Steam
11/28/2017: OPC UA TSN Achievements
11/28/2017: Avnu Alliance delivers TSN conformance tests for industrial devices
11/28/2017: Avnu Alliance Delivers First TSN Conformance Tests for Industrial Devices
11/27/2017: TSN – der neue Superheld?!
11/10/2017: AVB Protocol Powers Sound of Arcade Fire Infinite Content Tour

October, 2017
10/31/2017: State of the Law Meets State of the Art
10/24/2017: Digging into the Details: TSN
10/23/2017: Pakedge S3 Series Switches Engineered for Avnu, Dante, Q-LAN Applications
10/19/2017: Control4 Ships New Pakedge S3 Series Switches for Layer 2 and Layer 3 Routing in Professional AV Applications
10/16/2017: IIC Gaining Momentum
10/03/2017: Evolution of Gateway Processors

September, 2017
09/30/2017: OPC UA TSN Solutions: From the Field to the Cloud
09/29/2017: Update from IIC TSN testbed: perspectives & progress report
09/26/2017: TSN/A 2017 show report
09/26/2017: How TesiraLUX Addresses Networked Media Pain Points
09/19/2017: AVB: acceptance within the IT world
09/18/2017: Avnu Alliance document presents a TSN-enabled system architecture
09/18/2017: AVB: open for business
09/13/2017: Avnu releases best practices paper, co-hosts conference
09/13/2017: Avnu Alliance Releases Best Practices Guide for Time Sensitive Networks
09/12/2017: Theory of Operations Document
09/11/2017: Consortium is designing tomorrow’s industrial network
09/08/2017: Theory of Operation for TSN-enabled Industrial Systems
09/06/2017: Avnu Co-Hosts TSN/A Conference

August, 2018
08/24/2017: Round Table: Why the Glove Compartment Has an Ethernet Roadmap
08/22/2017: Standards and Interoperability Drive Innovation and Adoption

July, 2017
07/30/2017: How time-sensitive networking enables the IIoT
07/28/2017: A Security Blanket for Automotive Ethernet
07/20/2017: Implementing Industrial Ethernet: The challenges of connecting a multiprotocol network
07/19/2017: What Does TSN Configuration Look Like Today And In The Future?

June, 2017
06/27/2017: There’s nothing to fear but fear ITself
06/23/2017: [VIDEO] AV/IT Weekly Update
06/16/2017: The Changing Nature of Automotive Technology
06/13/2017: AudioScience to Showcase Hono Devices Working with Cisco’s AVB…
06/13/2017: What is time-sensitive networking
06/13/2017: Visit Coveloz at InfoComm 2017
06/06/2017: Network and CODEC Specifics for In-Room and Multi-Room AV-Over-IP
06/01/2017: Automotive’s Unsung Technology

May, 2017
Avnu Members Endorse TSN Market Value at Hannover Messe and Deterministic Ethernet Forum
05/09/2017: AudioScience AVB devices work seamlessly with Apple® Macs

April, 2017
04/10/2017A Single Network for Industrial Ethernet: Will Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Accomplish Convergence?
04/06/2017: Self-Driving Cars Rattle Supply Chain
04/01/2017: TSN Industrial Networking: evolution of Ethernet and IIoT

March, 2017
03/28/2017: Time-Sensitive networking
03/27/2017: LA12X World’s First Avnu-certified amplified controller to incorporate Bridge and Listener functionalities, LA4X to follow
03/07/2017: Time-Sensitive Networking Status Update
03/07/2017Testbed Pushes Forward on Time-Sensitive Networking

February, 2017
02/22/2017: Avnu’s 2017 Education Sessions
02/21/2017: AVB: Biamp’s Smart Move
02/02/2017: Avnu Alliance Accelerates Next Generation AV Networking
02/02/2017: Avnu Alliance Accelerates Next Generation AV Networking

January, 2017
Meyer Sound’s Galileo Galaxy gets Avnu Certification
01/14/2017: What does time-sensitive networking and real-time Ethernet data mean for future of industrial systems?
01/13/2017: Cisco, HPE and Intel join National Instruments in test lab
01/01/2017: Results, Insights, and Best Practices from IIC Testbeds: Time-Sensitive Networking Testbed

December, 2016
12/13/2016: 5 Ways AV Has Transformed in 2016
12/01/2016: High Priority Frames and Traffic

November, 2016
11/16/2016: Software for Audio Networking Control

October, 2016
10/18/2016: KUKA and Schneider Join Avnu
10/17/2016: Ethernet vs. fieldbus

September, 2016
09/29/2016: European test house for AVB/TSN standards opens doors
09/28/2016: AES: L-Acoustics Demo AVB Systems
09/14/2016: Avnu Alliance Automotive Interoperability Specification Now Publicly Available; Certification Enters Pilot Phase
09/11/2016: AudioScience Hono AVB Controller adds Unique Abilities
09/08/2016: Future-Proofing AV Networks
09/01/2016: PSNE September 2016 Digital

August, 2016
08/04/2016: TSN Platform Introduced

December, 2014
12/04/2014: Power Generation Whitepaper
12/04/2014: Machine Control Use Case