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Industrial control applications require consistent data delivery from sensors to controllers and actuators, and it is critical that this data is deterministic. Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is one way to ensure that this control data traffic is prioritized and delivered on time by securing bandwidth in the network infrastructure while simultaneously allowing noncritical forms of data traffic to coexist on the same network.


Industrial suppliers, IT vendors, and silicon providers are collaborating in IEEE 802 and Avnu to create updates to standard Ethernet which will provide:

  • Efficient management & control 
  • Convergence of traffic with mixed criticality
  • Security enhancements aligned with IT standards


These improvements will enable a single network to support reliable multi-kHz closed-loop control and dynamic unmanaged standard Ethernet traffic. TSN enables the convergence of networks and systems that were previously kept separate for operational integrity, real-time performance, safety, or security reasons. Breaking down communication barriers between critical and noncritical systems is a foundational concept of IIoT and Industry 4.0. Because TSN is part of standard Ethernet, control networks can take advantage of best practices for security that have been developed into Ethernet for decades. TSN also adds flexible traffic “policing” functions, which provide additional protections against traffic storms and other forms of attack. 

TSN also scales naturally with Ethernet, which means that the technology will no be limited regarding bandwidth and other performance criteria. In addition, new nodes can be easily added and discovered via standard networking protocols.


IIoT industries are all moving beyond single-function networks to realize the benefits of a converged network foundation with the coexistence of different traffic types and devices on the same physical network. TSN provides the tools to enable this convergence and the exchange of real-time control, telemetry, and general IT information, all managed securely by IT and OT, reducing infrastructure costs and the resources needed to manage and maintain the network. Factory automation, process automation, motion control, predictive maintenance, and professional audio-video are all applications that can benefit from converged networking. 


Avnu has joined with protocol organizations including CC-Link Partner Association, ODVA, OPC Foundation, and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International to develop a single test plan that could test for conformance with the IEEE/IEC 60802 profile for TSN for Industrial Automation. This initiative is called the TSN Industrial Association Conformance Collaboration (TIACC). The announcement of the TIACC cooperation on TSN interoperability will be key to having common approaches to using TSN in industrial settings and converged networks. In addition, the leading silicon vendors are working together in Avnu Alliance to develop a foundation of silicon and IP products’ for endpoint and switches with TSN capabilities at the component and supporting software level. This effort will support cross-industry collaboration and help the industry more quickly and easily build these products.

Industrial Robot Control
In Industrial Control, for example, a robot arm that works in conjunction with a light curtain could benefit from TSN. The operation of the robot itself requires deadline-based delivery of control traffic and sensor feedback. The control cycle for such an application can be in the 100s or even 10s of microseconds. The light curtain is intended to act as a safety measure to stop the robot should an operator come too close. The light curtain control cycle is less onerous than that of the robot arm; but, from a safety perspective, the alarm generated when the curtain is broken is even more critical and must be respected. Finally, there is operational monitoring of both the robot and the light curtain. While this traffic might not directly affect the operation, it is important for monitoring operational health, statistic gathering, and predictive maintenance.



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