Who should join? Silicon and component vendors, network infrastructure providers, end device manufacturers, and software companies are invited to join Avnu to tap into the community investment and collaborative opportunities available within Avnu, setting the stage for a new chapter of industry-wide advancement and evolution. Avnu offers various levels of membership options to best suit your company’s goals.

Avnu has created a framework that allows member companies to collaborate and interface on neutral ground with other protocols and organizations leveraging the TSN ecosystem.

  • Avnu facilitates product certification and testing to ensure interoperability and promote open standards for deterministic networking, such as TSN
  • Over a dozen years of experience developing Certification programs, conformance specifications, test tools, and test plans across markets
  • Global member companies across diverse industries
  • Promoter members benefit from participation in pre-certification plugfests, face-to-face plenary meetings and regular workgroup meetings, specific market and technical subgroup participation, to drive important technical updates to meet market requirements and assure certified products will be interoperable with those of other vendors.
  • Avnu Alliance members also benefit from having their products and companies showcased at industry trade shows and conferences, in case studies, as part of Avnu Alliance press coverage, on social media, and more.

Let’s go build converged networking ecosystems together. Join the Avnu Alliance today.

Currently there are Promoter, Adopter, and Milan Associate memberships providing various benefits and levels of participation. 

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The Avnu Alliance certification program is open to member companies, allowing them to give customers the confidence that their certified systems have passed rigorous compliance and interoperability testing, reducing tech support costs.

Don’t wait until after you’ve already integrated TSN into your product, join the movement now to have your unique development requirements met. Avnu Alliance members are given a rich set of tools to help build TSN devices including access to specifications, test devices, and conformance tools that help refine and accelerate product development before entering the formal testing and certification program.

Questions about certification? Click here to view FAQs about the new Avnu Advanced Certification Program.