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Avnu Alliance
The future is a converged network that guarantees real-time applications will just work.
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Transforming Time Sensitive Networks for Next-Generation Connectivity

Everything is interconnected and requires real-time data, from autonomous vehicles to smart Industry 4.0. What if we could simplify real-time networking and guarantee critical data will arrive on time? Avnu Alliance enables time-sensitive network convergence, free from the limitations of isolated networks, to maximize network innovation and ensure interoperability and functionality for future applications and system needs. As pioneers in forward-thinking cooperation, Avnu is committed to fostering an environment of collaboration to break down barriers and unleash the true power of converged networks: richer experiences from live performances, next-generation connected technology in our cars, homes, and offices, and new levels of automation for the future of factories.

Avnu: Building Converged Network Foundations for Simple, Reliable, and Time-Sensitive Networking

Networks are constantly evolving to meet the real-time demands of new data and applications. As more connections are added, time-sensitive networks must keep up with the pace. That’s where Avnu comes in – we provide the test plans, tools, and certification programs necessary to build a converged network foundation, based on open standards, that can handle multiple applications, mixed-criticality traffic types, and various protocols all at once. 

A converged network creates efficiencies in network engineering and enables holistic network management. Avnu is building the network of the future — deterministic, interoperable, reliable, flexible, and scalable. 

Avnu Alliance is the only organization that consistently looks ahead at the market and prepares for the future of interoperability for time-sensitive networking. Avnu brings together diverse perspectives: from infrastructure providers, to silicon and component vendors, to end device manufacturers to ensure the converged network foundation will meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

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TSN for scalability, flexibility and cost-savings

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of standards developed by IEEE 802.1 Task Group to define how a network should be made time-aware. TSN is a core network capability, enabling standard connectivity (e.g. Ethernet) to transmit information with guaranteed delivery of time, supporting highly reliable, secure, and precisely synchronized networking, that serves multiple, interdependent ecosystems. TSN standards and tools make the foundation for converged networks that can be used by many different protocols and disciplines, safely coexisting on the same network, which simplifies the path toward interoperability between devices and makes it easier to holistically manage systems.  Automotive, industrial, professional AV, and other industries leverage TSN for wired and wireless connectivity to support audiovisual media transport, control data, and physical movement commands.

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