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Why should you join Avnu Alliance as a promoter member before you’ve developed products with AVB/TSN?

The Alliance has developed a rich set of tools to help its members develop AVB/TSN products. When you join Avnu Alliance, you can make sure you are engineering the right requirements into your products. Your membership allows you to participate in developing the market requirements and test plans so that your products are ready for certification without re-engineering. You can also get real-time updates on specification changes. Avnu Alliance members are given a rich set of tools to help you build your AVB/TSN products to the specifications, test devices and accelerate product development before entering the formal testing program.

Also, Avnu Alliance membership gives you the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Alliance members to develop a complete ecosystem of interoperable devices. Membership gives you the chance to network and consult with time sensitive application experts and engineers and get tips and best practices for implementation.

By participating in the workgroups you can help ensure that the AVB/TSN compliance program meets the demanding performance benchmarks for your market and influence technical specifications. The Avnu members work together to define Avnu certification, ensuring that AVB/TSN is easy to implement and has broad global market appeal.