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Automotive Ethernet AVB Functional and Interoperability Specification Revision 1.6

Jun 13, 2024

This document is Avnu’s interoperability and functional specification for automotive Ethernet AVB devices. The document’s primary goal is to provide a baseline specification of Ethernet AVB functionality on automotive AVB devices. The specification has several uses, three of which are key. First, vendors can use this specification to guide their automotive AVB product development. Second, Avnu can use it to develop an effective certification process. Third, and most importantly, automotive OEMs can depend on the specification to provide a foundation for AVB functionality in their automobiles. OEMs can be assured that a device certified to be compliant with this specification would provide baseline AVB functionality, would not require extensive testing on their part, and would thereby allow them the time to focus on other functionality that helps differentiate their final product and enable success in the automotive marketplace.



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