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ISE 2024

Milan by Avnu Alliance 
Booth #C-S502 – Discovery Zone

Created and maintained by Pro Audio market leaders in the Avnu Alliance®, Milan™ is a standards-based deterministic network protocol for real-time media. Milan offers exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use for the industry’s most demanding applications. Milan’s deterministic network assures on-time, reliable delivery that can co-exist with other Ethernet traffic without risk of drop-outs or degradation of media. Visit us during ISE 2024 in Booth #C-S502 to learn more about Milan technology and use cases.

Plus, find Milan products, demonstrations and technology in the following member booths on the ISE show floor:

  • Adamson Systems Engineering – 7-G100
  • ALLDSP GmbH (with Milan Interop Demo)7-F130
  • Analog Devices – 5-B200
  • Auvitran – 7-G860
  • BIAMP – 3-D100
  • d&b Audiotechnik – 7-E150
  • DiGiCo – 7-F400
  • Direct Out – 7-F100
  • HK Audio – 7-F800
  • JOYNED – C-S514
  • L-Acoustics – 7-F150
  • Luminex (with Milan Interop Demo) – 7-G300
  • Meyer Sound – 3-N820
  • Microchip – C-S510
  • Netgear AV – 5-C750
  • Neutrik Group – 5-E300
  • Niveo Professional – 5-B240
  • RCF – 7-D700
  • Sienda – C-S506

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ISE 2024