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What is TSN?

Time Sensitive Networking is the evolution of AVB, building upon the AVB specifications to expand the range, functionality and applications of the standard. AVB is continuously evolving for new demanding applications and markets that are increasing interest in the technology. TSN is the new name for the same IEEE 802.1 Task Group, which developed AVB. The Time Sensitive Networking set of standards will be backwards compatible with AVB, but add new features and enhancements as part of the standard.

Avnu Alliance has the job of guiding what is needed from this specification for new applications in automotive and industrial segments and simplifying the process for engineers and designers to build products utilizing TSN. Some of the new key features in TSN include added fault tolerance and redundancy, and further improvements in time sensitive scheduling and latency control to AVB/TSN networks. AVB / TSN standard is an upgrade to existing networks (wireless and wired) – representing the synchronization and bandwidth layer for time critical applications. AVB and TSN can complement other existing and emerging specifications and standards.