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What are the benefits of implementing Milan?

Milan removes the guesswork for manufacturers trying to navigate the complicated world of networking technology. The core benefits of implementing Milan are:

  1. Milan clearly defines what features, functionality and requirements to include in AV devices to make them work with others on the market: There is no more trial and
  2. Every device that is Milan-Certified will connect with any other device using a variety of agreed-upon formats and market-required definitions in the protocol.
  3. Milan bases on deterministic and synchronous TSN Ethernet technology for highest reliability, best audio quality and easiest deployment of AV networking. Milan is a network standard that is driven and developed by Pro AV manufacturers themselves in close collaboration with IT industry standardization bodies such as IEEE and in touch with leading manufacturers of the IT industry. Milan opens a long-term future for standardized open standard network ecosystems in the Pro AV industry. Manufacturers who implement and certify for Milan can be confident in the protection of their investment with this future-proof networking standard that has long-term support.