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AES New York 2023

Session: The New Network Reality of Live Events
October 27, 2023
Room 1E11
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
New York, NY

Genio Kronauer, Executive Director of Electronics & Networks Technologies, L-Acoustics
Richard Bugg, Digital Products Solutions Architect, Meyer Sound
Henning Kaltheuner, Independent consultant, Board of Directors, Avnu Alliance
Nicolas Sturmel, Contractor, DirectOut GmbH

The past decade has witnessed a significant rise in real-time networking protocols’ maturity in live sound applications. Each has demonstrated value in diverse applications, yet their simultaneous implementation poses challenges. For networked audio applications to truly evolve and tap into their full potential, it is crucial to integrate these protocols seamlessly.

Traditionally, real-time networked audio applications have been confined to dedicated networks to simplify switch configuration and prevent conflicts – ensuring reliability at the expense of interoperability and efficiency. In response to this challenge, AVB (Audio Video Bridging) has emerged as a key component in enabling network convergence and promoting open, interoperable systems. Leading switch manufacturers have begun to recognize AVB’s potential and are increasingly integrating AVB functionality into their switches, marking a significant step towards network convergence.

This session during AES New York 2023 explores how other protocols can take advantage of the value of AVB and Milan to foster more efficient and collaborative network environments. Representatives from leading audio manufacturers will present a path to network convergence, openness, and interoperability. Panelists will explore the benefits of network convergence; present specific use cases demonstrating what’s currently possible; and discuss how they plan to tackle the challenges ahead for the new reality in live events.

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