Milan: Networked AV System Architecture

Milan will enable a streamlined specification and certification process through Avnu Alliance that guarantees interoperability amongst Milan devices and assures devices will work together at new levels of convenience, reliability and functionality.

Milan: Deterministic Network Protocol for Professional Media

Everything will be networked

Audio and systems engineers should be able to realize the functionalities in their system; their network should always work – it should be easy, reliable and future-proof.

What's more, as consumer technology continues to advance, audiences expect a richer experience for live sound and other commercial AV applications. Networking is just the enabling technology that allows us to deliver those experiences – networking should not be a competitive market or a bottleneck for innovation.

The Manufacturer's Network

Manufacturers deliberately decided to invest their brightest technical knowledge, expertise, and strategic resources to work together to produce something exceptional, which meets their individual and collective requirements for their own products and customer demands.

Milan builds on an open standard networking technology –creating a link between AV, IT and silicon industries to enable a true IT convergence and develop a foundation that professional AV manufacturers can implement for a long term.

Milan Enables Networked AV That Is:


  • Deterministic network assures on-time delivery
  • Co-exists with other Ethernet traffic without risk of drop-outs or degradation of media
  • Reliable delivery that just works and keeps working


  • Not a risky proprietary standard that is controlled by a single entity
  • Choice of hardware implementation
  • Development extension managed openly by a collaborative group of industry leaders
  • Supports any type of media


  • Certification of compliance with standards and interoperability specifications through Avnu Alliance
  • Assurance of long-term viability as part of the IEEE network/IT industry
  • For the industry, by the industry


  • Scalable and flexible, plug-n-play set up and use
  • Enhanced time alignment features
  • No switch configuration required
  • Does not require IT expertise to manage things like QoS configuration
  • Works with any Avnu-certified switch

Find Out Why Manufacturers Choose Milan

What if the top engineers and strategic thinkers from the best audio manufacturers in the world came together to make a network?

Created by, and chosen by, live sound leaders in Avnu Alliance, Milan is the technical AND business decision for the top leaders in the market.



Meyer Sound


Milan Protocol Training at AVNation Learn From Home Summit April 2020

Key Features of Milan Include

Seamless Interoperability Amongst Devices

Every device will connect with any other device using a variety of agreed-upon formats and market-required definitions in the protocol. Milan adds essential agreements about the implementation of AVB technology, including requirements for compatible and compliant media formats, media-clocking, redundancy, and controller software, while ensuring those requirements are implemented correctly through compliance testing and certification of end devices. Milan devices work with any Avnu-certified switches.

Milan is not just enabling network connectivity; it is the grid to build on for the future.



Avnu Alliance and the members who created Milan are committed to supporting it, for future products and long-lasting implementations. Manufacturers can be confident in the protection of their investment - for themselves and their customers as Milan is long-term viability as part of the IEEE open standards.

Milan is an evolving, long-term, viable, and durable network.

For the Industry, by the Industry

Co-developed in deep cooperation between manufacturers and in alignment with other industries such as automotive and industrial, Milan builds on a common networking technology – creating a link between AV, IT and silicon industries to enable a true IT convergence and develop a foundation that professional AV manufacturers can implement.

The industry needs to refocus on delivering a future-proof audio solution that can scale; Milan delivers.

Industry Creation

Milan at Work

Live sound audio engineering is one of the most challenging jobs. This market has the highest requirements for audio stability combined with the necessity for fast deployment. There can’t be any guesswork when there is so much on the line. Milan has already been deployed in systems, live-sound installations and projects across the globe, from multiple manufacturers leading the AV industry.

Browse through recent installs

Live Tour

Post Malone L-Acoustics Success

Post Malone’s Recent Tour Was A Runaway Success With L-Acoustics

Julian Gates, systems engineer on the most recent leg of the Runaway Tour, points to the L-Acoustics P1 as being key to the tour’s sonic success. Everything was powered by LA12X amplified controllers, with the exception of the 270° hangs and frontfills, which were LA8-driven. All signals on the tour were routed via AVB, using six Milan-certified L-Acoustics P1 processors, with the LA8 being fed an AES signal from the localized P1 processors for a fully digital transport throughout.

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Theme Park

Lumineers Meyer Sound LEO Family

The Lumineers III Tour

To deliver its energized blend of alt-folk and Americana with intimacy and impact in large arenas and expansive outdoor amphitheaters, the band relied on a Meyer Sound LEO Family reinforcement system supplied by Escondido, CA-based Sound Image.

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L-Acoustics Rocks The Blues At St. Louis’ Scottrade Center

The Scottrade Center’s original sound system was not able to keep up with the demands imposed by a wider range of applications that require comprehensive audience coverage, full-spectrum music reproduction, and excellent speech intelligibility. It now has that capability, thanks to the implementation of an AVB-networked L-Acoustics Kara sound system designed by Idibri and installed by Logic Systems Sound and Lighting.

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L-Acoustics Arena

Standon Calling Festival in U.K. Relies on Adamson Systems Gear for Main Stage Acts

Front fill was covered with new Adamson Milan-ready CS7p point source loudspeakers. The new CS-Series is the world’s first family of mobile loudspeakers to feature onboard Class-D amplification, DSP, and Milan-ready (AVB) network endpoints.

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Adamson Systems Festival

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Neutrik Milan Module: Expanding The Capabilities Of Milan In The Market

Avnu member and Milan supporter, Neutrik announced the first Milan-certified audio module, MINEA. MINEA is a ready-to-go solution that allows manufacturers in the Pro Audio market to quickly and easily implement Milan into their products, from single loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones, audio embedders & de-embedders to complex multichannel mixing desks and multi-port conferencing systems. With MINEA, manufacturers can tap into the benefits of the Milan protocol with a faster path to developing and certifying Milan devices that are deterministic, interoperable, future-proof, and easy-to-use. Learn more about MINEA on the Neutrik website.

Making Milan Together

Milan Logo

Leading AV and IT manufacturers are
making Milan together.

How to Get Involved

Avnu Alliance is a platform where like-minded companies can collaborate.

Members of Avnu Alliance and Pro AV leaders have come together to collectively take the driver's seat in creating and advocating for the change they want to see in the pro audio market. Through this process they brought to life a vision for a complete media network – one that is easy-to-use, future-proof, open for creativity, scalable across markets, and delivers a convergence between audio, video and control with IT on one network.

This kind of collaboration amongst competitors to develop Milan couldn't have occurred without the framework provided by Avnu Alliance. Membership in Avnu gives manufacturers a voice to collectively define the market requirements to meet their unique development needs for a fully realized professional AV network solution.

Avnu Alliance Member Benefits


Participation in: Plugfests, Face-to-Face technical and marketing meetings, certification test plan development and more.
*depending on membership level


Access to specifications, certification testing, and open source tools to expedite product certification.


Milan enables a certification process through Avnu Alliance that guarantees interoperability amongst Milan devices. Avnu Alliance members can submit products for Milan certification testing now.