Milan is a standards-based, user-driven deterministic network protocol for professional media, that assures devices will work together at new levels of convenience, reliability and functionality.

Milan will enable a streamlined specification and certification process through Avnu Alliance that guarantees interoperability amongst Milan devices.

The Milan Journey

With AV increasingly residing on the network, the Pro AV market has unique requirements for moving time-sensitive video, audio, and data across the network.

Two key requirements for networked audio platforms are delivery of high-quality audio and reliability. Market leaders in Pro AV support AVB as technically superior for guaranteeing deterministic delivery, ensuring that the network supporting their media can scale today, and in the future.

Milan was created to support interoperability at the application layer to provide reliable installation and configuration of products. Created over the course of 18 months and first unveiled in June 2018 by Pro AV market leaders in the Avnu Alliance, Milan is the first tangible solution for promising deterministic, reliable, and future-proof delivery of networked media. Milan combines the technical benefits of the AVB standard with Pro AV market-defined device requirements at both the network and the application layer for media streams, formats, clocking and redundancy.

Milan Enables Networked AV That Is:


  • Deterministic network assures on-time delivery
  • Co-exists with other Ethernet traffic without risk of drop-outs or degradation of media


  • Not a risky proprietary standard that is controlled by a single entity
  • Choice of hardware implementation
  • Development extension managed openly by a collaborative group of industry leaders
  • Supports any type of media


  • Certification of compliance with standards and interoperability specifications through Avnu Alliance
  • Assurance of long-term viability as part of the IEEE network/IT industry


  • Enhanced time alignment features
  • No switch configuration required
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Does not require IT expertise to manage things like QoS configuration

Why Manufacturers Choose Milan?



Meyer Sound


Key Features of Milan Include

Seamless Interoperability Amongst Devices

Every device will connect with any other device using a variety of agreed-upon formats and market-required definitions in the protocol. Milan is a market-defined protocol that provides a specific set of rules and directives for manufacturers to build products with the same requirements for media streams, formats, clocking and redundancy, and thus all work together as designed.



Avnu Alliance and the members who created Milan are committed to supporting it, for future products and long-lasting implementations. Manufacturers can be confident in the protection of their investment - for themselves and their customers as Milan is long-term viability as part of the IEEE open standards.

For the Industry, by the Industry

Manufacturers themselves are taking the initiative and driving the development of Milan with the same energy, drive and investment that make their companies successful leaders in the market.

Industry Creation

Milan at Work

Die Toten Hosen

To provide a system that would play the legendary German band Die Toten Hosen's signature loud, raucous sets at the highest quality with the greatest functional reliability for a long tour, AV management Black Box Music selected L-Acoustics’ P1 processor, Milan-ready and leveraging AVB.

Using Milan enabled precise timing and real-time synchronization, low latency, and bandwidth reservation, with no audio drop-out for the entire 18-month tour. This translated into less set-up time for the audio technicians on the band’s whirlwind tour across Europe and throughout every stop of the tour, the sound of the PAs was audibly clearer and more defined.

Read more about Die Toten Hosen's experience using Milan and AVB via Commercial Integrator.

"For a long time, we were focused on getting the technology and the standards right. Now, we’re focused on the solutions and delivering the best possible audio experience while making it easier, friendlier, more reliable and less challenging for end-users – exactly what the industry has asked for and needs."

Henning Kaltheuner, Head of Strategic Business Development, d&b audiotechnik

Making Milan Together

Milan Logo

Pro AV market leaders support AVB as a superior network technology that guarantees deterministic delivery of audio, video, and data, and build their products based on its support.

Pro AV market leaders and Milan creators joined to build a new application layer on top of AVB for deployment and adoption by other manufacturers that can deliver a true solution with built-in interoperability. Milan streamlines implementation for manufacturers with defined device requirements to enable fool-proof interoperability via certification.

Leading AV and IT manufacturers are making Milan together.

How to Get Involved

Avnu Alliance is a platform where like-minded companies can collaborate.

This kind of collaboration amongst competitors to develop Milan couldn't have been done without the framework provided by Avnu Alliance. Membership in Avnu gives manufacturers a voice to collectively define the market requirements to meet their unique development needs for a fully realized professional AV network solution.

Manufacturers that rely on the market’s proprietary technology are limited by one company's vision and decisions on development and support for that technology. With Avnu Alliance, manufacturers benefit from having a say in requirements and the refinement of standards, and they are not expected to share projections or product roadmaps with potential competitors to meet proprietary suppliers' business forecasts. Avnu Alliance provides a path to collaboration and knowledge-sharing with other leading industry experts in a safe environment.

Avnu Alliance Member Benefits


Participation in: Plugfests, Face-to-Face technical and marketing meetings, depending on membership level.


Access to specifications, certification testing to open source tools to expedite product certification.


Milan enables a certification process through Avnu Alliance that guarantees interoperability amongst Milan devices. Avnu Alliance members can submit products for Milan certification testing now.