Milan: Networked AV System Architecture

Created and maintained by Pro Audio market leaders in the Avnu Alliance®, Milan™ is a standards-based deterministic network protocol for real time media. Milan Certification assures devices will work together for maximum convenience, reliability, and functionality.

Milan: Deterministic Network Protocol for Professional Media

Everything will be networked

Audiences expect rich, immersive experiences from live sound and other commercial AV applications. Ethernet is the enabling technology that allows us to deliver those experiences – the network should not be a competitive market or a bottleneck for innovation..

What’s more, as the network becomes the de facto standard infrastructure for real-time media, it must always work – it should be easy, reliable and future-ready.

The Manufacturer's Network

Recognizing a collective need to build on open standards accepted by the broader IT industry, AV manufacturers invested their brightest technical knowledge, expertise, and strategic resources to create Milan.

Milan offers exceptional performance, reliability, and ease-of use for the industry's most demanding applications. Built on the Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards maintained by IEEE as part of Ethernet, Milan fulfills manufacturers' exacting requirements for their own products as well as customer demands. This is the industry's strongest networking foundation for the long term.


Leading AV and IT Manufacturers are Making Milan Together

Key Features of Milan Include

Seamless Interoperability Amongst Devices

Every device will connect with any other device using a variety of agreed-upon formats and market-required definitions in the protocol. Milan adds essential agreements about the implementation of TSN technology, including requirements for compatible and compliant media formats, media-clocking, redundancy, and controller software, while ensuring those requirements are implemented correctly through compliance testing and certification of end devices.

Milan is not just enabling network connectivity; it is the grid to build on for the future.

Easy to Use

Guaranteed and Easy-to-Use, Every Time

Milan's deterministic network assures on-time, reliable delivery that can co-exist with other Ethernet traffic without risk of drop-outs or degradation of media. Milan is also highly scalable and flexible, with no switch configuration or IT expertise required, along with enhanced time alignment features to make both setup and use of Milan devices a breeze. And because Milan works with any Avnu-certified switch, end users have a broad, certified interoperable ecosystem of devices to choose from.

Milan brings both technical and usage benefits to any end user.

Designed for Evolution

Avnu Alliance and the members who created Milan are committed to supporting it for future products and long-lasting implementations. Milan is built on IEEE open standards, allowing more hardware options and supporting any type of media – now and for generations to come.

Milan is an evolving, long-term, viable, and durable network.

Industry Creation

For the Industry, by the Industry

Created by the best audio manufacturers in the world, in deep cooperation with other industries such as automotive and industrial, Milan creates a link between the AV, IT and silicon industries. The live sound industry's top engineers and strategic thinkers built Milan to be the network for a fully converged future.

Milan is the technical AND business decision for the leaders in live sound.

Milan Device Certifications

Milan device certification guarantees interoperability between Milan devices and any Avnu-Certified switches.

Avnu Alliance members can submit audio end products for Milan Certification testing through the Milan Advanced Certification Program.

The Milan Advanced Certification Program is the first of its kind in the AV industry: an open, third-party, independent certification for real-time media networking, now advanced for a more streamlined user experience.

One Pager

Download this one-pager to learn more about Milan Advanced Certification Program and Avnu Express Test Tools

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Authorized certification test labs around the world have been licensed to perform the robust Milan test scripts, ensuring compliance with the specification, and guaranteeing device interoperability. Benefits of this globally-scaled Advanced Certification program include:

  • Fast, easy, and convenient certification testing for all Milan end devices
  • Global access, with test houses around the world
  • Competitive pricing
  • Product development optimization and pre-certification conformance validation using the low-cost Avnu Express Test Tool
  • Seamless and transparent Certification Management System allowing real-time visibility into testing progress, conformance issues, and results And more!.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Milan Modules

Manufacturers can quickly and easily implement Milan in their products using Milan-Certified audio modules.

Currently available from Avnu member and Milan supporter Neutrik, Milan-certified audio modules can be implemented in any audio end device from single loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones, audio embedders & de-embedders to complex multichannel mixing decks and multi-port conferencing systems.

Milan Modules and Milan Associate Membership offer a simple, cost-effective pathway to developing and certifying Milan devices.

Learn more about The Neutrik Milan-certified module MINEA on the Neutrik website.

Milan at Work

Live sound audio engineering is one of the most challenging jobs in the AV industry. The audio network cannot fail, and often must be deployed in a matter of days or even hours. There can't be any guesswork when there is so much on the line. In touring systems, live-sound installations, and projects across the globe, Milan has been proven to make live sound networks more reliable, easier to operate, and faster to deploy.

Hollywood Bowl

L-Acoustics outdoor amphitheater

L-Acoustics – Hollywood Bowl

JWinner of 13 consecutive Pollstar Awards for Outstanding Outdoor Venue since 2004, Hollywood Bowl is the summer home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and has been LA's signature live-music venue for nearly a century. A Milan/AVB system was installed in 2018, including 18 AVB (and Milan)-ready L-Acoustics LA12X and ten LA4X amplified controllers, completely refreshing and updating the Bowl's power infrastructure, and optimizing the performance of its K1/Kara system.

"What the new amplified controllers also do is bring a new level of authority to the sound of the system. There has been a noticeable improvement in resolution and fidelity to the system since we installed them before our current season began. The sound, which was always great through the K1 system, is now spectacular."

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Avicii Tribute Concert

Meyer Sound – massive concert arena

Meyer Sound – Avicii Tribute Concert

A crowd of more than 58,000 gathered at the Avicii tribute concert at Friends Arena, in Stockholm, Sweden, in December 2019. System optimization and drive was supplied by 16 Meyer Sound GALAXY 816 and three GALAXY 816-AES3 processors linked via an AVB network running the Milan protocol.

As for the AVB network and Milan protocol, there wasn't much to say, according to Audio Systems Tech Anton Söderberg. "It's been rock solid," he said. "Everything pops up on the screen and works like it's supposed to."

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Meyer Sound – Birds in the Moon

Birds in the Moon, a provocative new chamber opera with music by composer Mark Grey, has launched a national tour based on a revolutionary staging concept: the entire production is housed in a 20-foot shipping container that can be quickly set up for outdoor performances at essentially any location.

The entire front end is extraordinarily simple: two wireless microphones for the performers, four DPA 4099 microphones for the instruments via preamps, and a vintage stereo reverb unit all feeding directly into the analog inputs of a GALAXY 816, along with 24 channels for electronic soundscapes from the Mac Mini via an AVB network connection.

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Birds in the Moon

Meyer Sound – opera theater

L-Acoustics & Multiple Members – YouTube Theater

Opened in 2021, the YouTube Theater is a 6000-seat live performance space in Inglewood, California. The audio system leverages a Milan AVB audio network made up of L-Acoustics P1, LA12X, LA2Xi, as well as a Meyer Sound GALAXY and Luminex switches.

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Who's Talking About Milan

How to Get Involved

Avnu Alliance is a platform where like-minded companies can collaborate.

Members of Avnu Alliance and Pro AV leaders have come together to collectively create the network they needed – one that is easy-to-use, open for creativity, scalable across markets, and delivers a convergence between audio, video and control with IT on one network.

This kind of collaboration amongst competitors to develop Milan couldn't have occurred without the framework provided by Avnu Alliance. Membership in Avnu gives manufacturers a voice to collectively define the market requirements to meet their unique development needs for a fully realized professional AV network solution.

Avnu members are able to submit products to the Milan Advanced Certification Program and they get access to the Avnu Express Test Tool, the new CMS, test plans, plugfests and more.

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Avnu Alliance Member Benefits

Avnu Promoter

Have a voice and a vote in the future of TSN ecosystem

Avnu Adopter

Develop and implement using Avnu standards.

Milan Associate

Submit products to Advanced Milan Certification Program.