Extending TSN over Wireless — Why Now?


Recent advances in 5G and IEEE 802.11 wireless connectivity technologies in providing low latency and high reliability have generated significant interest in extending TSN capabilities over wireless.

Wireless communication system benefits


Reduced wiring costs


Given the stochastic nature of wireless communications, enabling TSN capabilities that are interoperable and compatible with existing wired TSN standards is challenging.

Avnu Alliance members from various markets including professional audio video, silicon, and industrial control came together to form a new working group to address the capabilities of wireless TSN.

Wireless TSN Workgroup Goals:


Further study of TSN-relevant capabilities and performance in wireless networks (802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 and 5G)


Integration models and interfaces for wireless and wired TSN


Enhancements for discovery and configuration of wireless TSN links


Wireless TSN test plan & steps toward certification


Avnu Alliance: Wireless TSN — Definitions, Use Cases & Standards Roadmap White Paper

The white paper will serve as an input to potential future Avnu work to enable evaluation, testing and certification of products that enable TSN extensions from wired to wireless domains. It introduces basic terminology, use cases across markets, and standards for extending TSN capabilities over wireless networks.

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"The push for melding wireless and Ethernet TSN comes from the Avnu Alliance which says its members include more than 95% of the Ethernet silicon suppliers as well as automotive industry and audio-visual vendors."

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Industry groups prep Ethernet for operational, wireless networks

"The WTSN workgroup work has highlighted that it is important to start early discussions and alignment on topics such as consistent TSN interfaces for wired and wireless technologies, interoperability testing, and certification efforts."

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5G could make wireless time-sensitive networking a possibility

"For wireless operators, however, Cavalcanti said that ensuring 5G networks support wireless TSN is important because it will make it more likely that certain industrial applications will be able to use 5G. And ultimately that will make their networks more valuable."

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Discover why TSN is vital for 5G-powered IIoT

"Alon Regev, senior director at Keysight Technologies (an Avnu Alliance member) reveals why TSN, or time sensitive networking, is the secret sauce of 5G-powered IIoT."

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Nov 11-12

Wireless Congress

November 11-12 | 1:30 - 2:30 pm CET | Virtual

"Wireless TSN: Opportunities, Challenges, and Industry Benefits of Extending TSN Capabilities over Wireless Networks" Suresh Kalyanasundaram, Intel Deutschland GmbH & Wireless TSN Workgroup Member will present on opportunities and challenges associated with wireless TSN, as well as examples of wireless TSN in practice.

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