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Avnu Recognized Test Facilities 


Avnu Alliance Certification Testing must be conducted at an Avnu approved Recognized Test Facility.  These test facilities have been selected, evaluated and audited by Avnu and found to meet the requirements to conduct Avnu Certification Testing in accordance with Avnu Policies defined by the Avnu Certification Work Group. The scope of testing for each Recognized Test Facility is captured in the table below.


Allion Labs
Founded in 1991, Allion has accumulated over 30 years of testing experience. Headquartered in Taiwan with branches in the U.S., Europe, Japan, China, and South Korea, we are able to provide convenient, top-quality services wherever you are. Allion offers professional services in research, design, quality, and production. Our services include standard certification and compliance testing, product ecosystem scenario testing, test fixture design, and IIoT solutions.  https://www.allion.com/



Excelfore is accelerating vehicle data services, with in-vehicle networking protocol stacks including Ethernet TSN, SOME/IP, DoIP and UDS (client), and has established a full lab within the company’s Japan engineering center to test Avnu members’ products for conformance and interoperability with the Avnu specifications.  Excelfore also         provides innovative cloud-to-vehicle solutions including the eSync OTA, eDatX data aggregation, eLearn analytics       platforms. https://excelfore.com/last-meter-connect/



Granite River Labs
Granite River Labs (GRL) is a leading provider of end-to-end testing, certification and compliance services and related proprietary instrumentation and software solutions to support development and commercialization of sophisticated connected devices. GRL enables engineers to solve tough design and validation challenges worldwide. GRL believes in providing affordable test services to help hardware developers implement digital interface technologies as they become faster, more complex, and more challenging to test.  https://graniteriverlabs.com/



The UNH-IOL is an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance solutions for the networking industry. The first approved test laboratory for Avnu certification, the UNH-IOL works in cooperation with the Alliance to provide certification test tools to Avnu members for in-house pre-certification testing. https://www.iol.unh.edu/testing/switching/avnu



Recognized Test Facilities: Scope of Testing

The Scope of Lab Testing is maintained on the Avnu Certification Information & Documents wiki page.
The Scope of Lab Testing table will be updated as new features are introduced.