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Milan™ Associate Membership FAQs

What is the Milan Associate Membership?

Milan Associate Membership is a new entry-level membership in Avnu created to lower the threshold for professional audio end device manufacturers who wish to test and certify Milan end devices. The membership was created with the goal of broadening the Milan ecosystem enabling end users with more choice of interoperable end devices.

How much does it cost?

$1,000.00 USD per company membership, per year.

What are the membership benefits available at this new level?

Milan Associate members of Avnu may submit professional audio end devices for Milan certification testing and get access to final Milan specifications and market requirement documents as well as Avnu test tools for in-house product testing at a reduced rate. Milan Associate members are also invited to annual member meetings and can be listed on Avnu Alliance website.

Is it possible to join workgroups in Avnu Alliance with the Milan Associate Membership?

We greatly appreciate participation in our workgroups but this requires a higher membership level. However, it is possible to upgrade the Milan Associate membership to the required Promoter Membership.

Manufacturers interested in collaborating with like-minded companies to collectively define Milan requirements for the future are still welcome to join Avnu Alliance as a Promoter member.

Are Milan Modules available to buy?

The first Milan modules are in certification now and will be available in Q1 2021.

If I implement a Milan-certified Module into my device, do I need to have it tested again or is it automatically considered certified?

Certification through Avnu is the legal and formal documentation that a device meets specifications. All devices must submit paperwork to Avnu to receive certification. Pro Audio devices that implement Milan-certified modules will only require a simplified test for verification and a confirmation from the Milan module manufacturer and then that verification will be submitted to Avnu for certification and inclusion in the Certified Product Registry on the Avnu public website. Avnu has approved a Milan Module Certification Mechanism to allow module manufacturers to have the modules tested and certified, which removes the burden for manufacturers implementing the certified OEM modules of having to undergo full compliance testing.

What kinds of Milan products can you certify with the Milan Associate Membership?

Professional audio end devices such as single loudspeakers and microphones to complex multichannel mixing desks and multi-port conferencing systems. This membership allows companies to certify Milan end devices. These devices may incorporate a small bridge with maximum of two ports per network.

While larger network switches (i.e. switches with more than two ports) are AVB switches and can be used with a Milan network, they are not available for certification at the Milan Associate level membership.

What is the benefit of registering Milan devices with Avnu Alliance?

Members of Avnu may register devices that have passed Milan compliance testing to claim that they are Milan-certified devices. Milan certification guarantees interoperability with Avnu and Milan certified products at the network layer and interoperability with Milan products at the application layer. End devices that are Milan-certified will have a Milan certified logo and be listed on the public website of Avnu Alliance.

How do you see Milan certification being streamlined?

The Avnu Alliance is working to simplify testing procedures. Details on this technical work, including development of these tests, are currently confidential to Avnu Alliance members. The goal is to create a certification program that will drive the ecosystem of Milan devices in the quickest way possible.

What are the benefits of implementing Milan?

Milan removes the guesswork for manufacturers trying to navigate the complicated world of networking technology. The core benefits of implementing Milan are:

  1. Milan clearly defines what features, functionality and requirements to include in AV products to make them work with others on the market: There is no more trial and error.
  2. Every device that is Milan certified will connect with any other device using a variety of agreed-upon formats and market-required definitions in the protocol.
  3. Milan bases on deterministic and synchronous TSN Ethernet technology for highest reliability, best audio quality and easiest deployment of AV networking. Milan is a network standard that is driven and developed by Pro AV manufacturers themselves in close collaboration with IT industry standardization bodies such as IEEE and in touch with leading manufacturers of the IT industry. Milan opens a long-term future for standardized open standard network ecosystems in the Pro AV industry. Manufacturers who implement and certify for Milan can be confident in the protection of their investment with this future-proof networking standard that has long-term support.

With MA membership, can I register as many products per year as I want?

There is no limit to the number of devices that a company can register with the Milan Associate Membership however there is $250 USD certification fee per product.

Do I need to pay the membership every year, regardless whether I register new products in that year or not?

The membership is for one-year, whether you certify new devices or not.