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Avnu Certification Overview 

With the increasing demands on Networks, it is necessary for the networks to be secure, manageable, and reliable. The Avnu Alliance is playing a critical role in meeting these demands with a focus and expertise on Time Sensitive Networks. Within this, is the need for “Best in Class” products. Avnu Alliance has built a robust Certification program to help our members successfully contribute to those demands. Members have access to development tools, and resources to help our members through the Certification process. Our Certification program offers many benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Reliability in how their products will perform using Time Sensitive Technology/AVB
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Interoperable with other Avnu Certified Products
  • Reduction in tech support costs

To view Avnu’s Recognized Test Facilities and the testing supported by each facility, please click here.

Questions about certification? Click here to view FAQs about the Avnu Advanced Certification Program.

Steps for Avnu Certification:

  1. Become an Avnu Alliance member, and pay the applicable annual membership fee.
  2. (Optional) Purchase Avnu’s Express Test Tool to help in the development of your product prior to going to test lab.
  3. Applicant registers product with Avnu Alliance using the Certification Management System.
  4. Upon approval of the above and confirmation of member’s status, Avnu’s Technical Programs Manager will inform the Applicant and the Recognized Test Facility (RTF) of Applicant’s choice of the product assigned TestID (TID), test versions, CRSL version, and other information.
  5. Remit payment of Avnu Product Registration fee to Avnu Admin.
  6. RTF executes required conformance test cases ensuring tests are executed correctly. After testing is complete, RTF issues preliminary test report(s) for review by the Applicant.
  7. If the device fails, the Applicant is notified of the failure and reason. The Applicant and RTF collaborate to determine whether the Product needs to be fixed or a Waiver should be submitted.  The Applicant will work with the RTF and Avnu Technical Programs Manager as outlined in the Certification Process Flow to fix the product and retest, or have the failure waived.
  8. If the device passes, the RTF generates a Certification report for review by the Applicant and Avnu Technical Programs Manager. If the Avnu Technical Programs Manager approves of the passing Certification report, certification of conformance is granted to the Product and the CertificationID (CID) is issued.

More information about the Avnu Certification process can be found on the members-only site (login required).

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